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Feeling something that I have never felt before. I gave up on everything, it’s like something has died inside me. All the past memories have been circulating in my head since morning, like a dying person seeing all of his life at his last breath. Sometimes I feel sad, tears roll down my eyes, and suddenly I start feeling numb, like a robot, with no feelings at all. Sometimes I’m feeling anxious. Today I realize how fast people can change. It’s not their fault actually, it’s me who is over emotional. What do I do if I’m too emotional and am a part of this world where none of them are like me? I’m fighting with my own grief. I don’t feel like being around people. Even if I look at some stranger I give them a smile. Like everything is so normal and so good. I’m tired of faking a smile now. I am in need of a hug. I want to cry and scream aloud.

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Hii…wanna talk about it in DM?


Yeha sure for now sending virtual hugs 🤗🫂 and if you want to vent then let’s connect

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