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Feeling sad and angry because my girlfriend is just making a fuss about something. Yesterday I was not feeling ok I was confused about my feelings which i told her and after sometime i fell asleep. When i woke up she was mad at me, her point was that she had already a bad mood from a day before and today i haven’t checked upon her for few hrs so that makes her angry! I said it’s not making sense. I was also feeling not good about myself so asking about you didn’t came to mind and when i woke up i was feeling fine but till then she was angry from me . I told her that listen only for 3-4 hrs i wasn’t there and its not making sense to get mad over such small stuff but she was like why can’t you consider the fact that im angry and im like babe there’s no reason to be angry ! From then we’ve been on and off on this topic and talking. It’s making me sad . What should i do because according to her i should accept my fault and understand and should make it upto her. But my mind is not able to understand what was my fault because i was just trying to be ok in those hrs and when i got fine , I’m in this new mess … Help suggest something. It just feels like i need to accept whatever tantrum will be thrown at me i just need to accept that even if the person is wrong !

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So, maybe this sounds biased but sometimes as a girlfriend, I also get a little silly expecting things to only go my way, and maybe throwing an occasional tantrum just because I can. He gives in sometimes, knowing that I’ll get okay and that I won’t just be unrealistic about my expectations. And then I genuinely try to get better not expecting him to make my mood better. But sometimes if I’m being difficult, without a reason, he tells it to me straight so that I realise when I’m being immature, if I am. Point being, he gives in to my tantrums sometimes, to a certain degree. He doesn’t encourage them, but plays along sometimes, to a certain degree. But isn’t afraid to call out my bullshit, if I’m just being plain stupid. So, I guess, find a similar balance for yourself!


I am biased too in this. But its true that as a girlfriend I expect this from my guy. I expect him to be there for me always(means always). Even though I don’t fight about it, it still makes me sad and I say it to him at the end anyway. He might try to argue. If he argues then it becomes big. But sometimes he says sorry and that’s what we expect. Just to accept the face that we needed you and you were not there and we have the right to feel so. And for sure I also end up apologizing if it hurted him. Its ok to fight. But learn from it. Say sorry and then explain your situation.


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