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Feeling really directionless after having a heart break. I am trying to pull myself back in my feet as I do not have anyone else to help me back. But it proves to be real hard and I am feeling so down. I obviously know it is not the end of the world, but my mind and body is too tired to even try. Also the fear of not finding love again is scaring me. I have been in this relation for 5 years and my gf is currently cheating on me and we have not officially broken our relation, but she is maintaining such a distance from me that it hurts. I am trying to think of her as less as possible. But the thoughts creep up all on a sudden. And they hurt so much.
Did anyone else went through such hardship where you know you are in pain but can’t end it because you do not have the backup plan?

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Hey , i can completely understand what you are going through . I am also going through same thing , so i think i can answer you . It’s okay to not have a back up plan and we can’t always have that . If you know that she is cheating on you , it’s better that you break up with her because even staying in relation with her doesn’t help. I know it’s not going to be easy but it will be worth it .
You can do it . I do understand your fear of not finding love again . I also feel it . But trust me , the right person will come to you and you will find the right person made for you . Also, It’s not easy to forget the memories which you have created , so thoughts will creep in definitely because it’s human nature . We can’t forget it even if we want to , so creating new memories which are even more beautiful than this, will help you a lot. I am sure you can create so many beautiful memories with yourself and the right person will find you at the right time . Believe in it .

If you want to share or feel like talking to me , you can send me a message on instagram at

I am there to help you in your tough times. Believe me you can do it . You ought to believe in yourself . Stay strong .


I think more than not having a backup plan, it is about the attachment you have with a person. I know this will sound cliche, but the only advice I can give you at this point of time is to put yourself first. You being in a relationship that has no future, knowing all too well that your girlfriend has been unfaithful to you, will cause so much damage to your mind. The reason why you’re not being able to end it is because you might feel that things can get better, but I promise you, the minute you get out of this toxic relationship, your life will make much more sense. As for the part where you said you may never find love again, I think at the right place and right time, you definitely will find true love. Maybe a couple more breakups will precede that, but it will be worth the wait. But before that, you should love yourself and give yourself the time and energy you deserve, and become a better person overall. Cheating should NEVER be excused. I hope you’re healthy and happy xx


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