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Feeling low , lower self esteem , worried for carreer , can’t recover from the dad’s demise this happened this year has a lot unforeseen liabilities upon my head the only left out male member in my family of three after dad , want to do a lot in life earn money but people and situations get me arrest confused … Damn I hate this life but I don’t wanna give up this easy , I know the value of breathing in this world I wish I be empowered soon by god’s grace

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And ofcourse you will. Everyone has problems going on in their life. But you can’t give up that easily and just believe in yourself. And there is always a reason behind whatever is happening in your life. But losing a father’s hand is a biggest lost one can face. I wish the best for you and your family. Be happy always!

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Nyx @lost_not_found

Losing the head of the family is devastating. But you have been tough and fighting back. God tests their best pupils. Hang in there.


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