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benson benny @ben098765

Feeling lost
Feeling drained
Feeling confused
Feeling dead

I wish I could just fly into nothingness
Dissolve into void
Erase my memory and begin from the start.

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G M @illusionist

I really like the last line but it won’t happen… That’s life…

benson benny @ben098765

Yeah I guess

benson benny @ben098765

But if u think about it, in a way we all are in control of our lives right and can turn it around in any direction, but can’t do so freely with the knot of expectations and goals of our family about us and pre framed timeline by the society for each individual for crossing each milestone in our lives.

G M @illusionist

Its upto us i think… Two ways… Either we lead a life in a way we like from the beginning or else we should go in the way life leads… its my point of view

benson benny @ben098765

Yeah, but sometimes it’ll be just blind faith ryt about our lives, that it’ll all turn out to be good and if it goes sideways then it’ll be a great loss ryt

G M @illusionist


Jurol @jurol

I guess everyone has two life one ends when u just think u have only one and at that right time second begins just not as we want but as God wants …we gone through so many things because God prepared us to be strong…we are stronger than those who doesn’t suffered like us we should be great ful and straight forward to love our life happily… Just think what purpose u have either u have any goals achieve that in this life only or make one 🌝 but i even guess sometimes being alone is better one can understand life issues and self problems and even it feels better if we had a shoulder to cry on but we have god 🙏…trust yourself trust God u both together can change it …

benson benny @ben098765

Thanks man

Jurol @jurol

🥲i’mma girl

Jurol @jurol

My pleasure 💜

benson benny @ben098765

Dw I didn’t call u man as in man man anyway I appreciate u pitching in.

Jennifer @jennifer22


Debsoumya sen @debsoumya

You are not alone bro… Somewhere someone is waiting for u… Have a little hope and a little courage to face what’s in front …

benson benny @ben098765

Thanks man it means a lot. I just hope that someday I get a clarity on my life and thoughts and uk clear this clutter in my mind

Debsoumya sen @debsoumya


krn @ksd

Hiiii Jennifer

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Sneh @sneha_vai

Start doing workout …ull feel u are alive

benson benny @ben098765



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