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Feeling lonely. I have a loveless married life and a partner who does not care but only concerned about his food his sleep and his dog. I ruined myself by marrying him, wasted my career bcoz he doubts that i have affair with my boss ( within 3 days of my new job). Roams around full night and i m not even supposed to talk to my immediate neighbours. Cannot talk to Any friends, relatives. I do not know if i am thinking too much bcoz of lockdown thing or i am with a wrong person ?. At times i feel like i am just his maid to take cAre of the house and him. What have i done to myself. I was a free bird before marriage and now i am in a cage. The only time i leave the house is when i go to my mom’s place which is once in 10 days. Is this the life of a average middle class housewife or am i just overthinking??

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No; it can sound like the “average” life…but do you want to be average? Are you happy in this life? It sounds like you’re not happy in it…and if you need him to change you should express that…also permission? I scoff at the idea of needing permission from someone who should be a PARTNER. This is not the times of the past …even so… Housely duties and such are needed to be done regardless if yoh have a partner or not… But if you feel like a maid then you are not happy. If you’re not happy with something to stay in it would do you no good.


Talk to him about it. Have you tried telling him. Plan and tell him in a way that makes him understand you. If he doesn’t want to do anything for you maybe you should get married to someone else instead. Someone who values you. Your husband could be unaware of your situation, about what u feel. Don’t take drastic steps without trying to communicate.


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