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Feeling like i am good for nothing. Wanna erase my existence. Useless creature

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Hey,You are great , perfect please don’t say that. Can you tell me what happened and why are you saying this and remember everything’s gonna be alright don’t worry and don’t get sad .


Everyone have a value. you are in a state of mind. that’s why you don’t feel like you are worthy. But trust me. god has a good plan for you. Just pray.πŸ™ Cry our your sorrow, tell your needs and wait patiently till wonders happen.
But while patiently waiting ,start to love yourself. 😌don’t try the same thing. if you tried finance side just try arts. what I’m trying to say is try good things while preventing from negative things. if I feel this way I watch funny video clips of dogs cats and cute babies , if I’m tried of only studying I try learning to play guitar, or do drawing , I watch some good recipes, cook it and eat it🍲.
same pattern same routine makes us feel bored and it lead us to give up . that’s why we feel unworthy.
take a break watch green trees🌲🌳🌴. Green trees relaxing our minds. watch the beauty around you.πŸΏπŸ‚πŸŒ·
you are alive just bcuz you worth itπŸ‘. calm your self. love yourself. you will feel a difference. stay safe. πŸ–


Most likely reincarnation, life after death etc does not exist. YOLO makes alot of sense scientifically.

Whatever you do in life, all the good things and the bad, will be forgotten in a large enough timescale.

You’re here now. That’s all it matters. Alot of things had to be in a certain order for that to be possible. Feel blessed for your existence and live your life to fullest. Afterall YOLO :P


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