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Akash Goel @silent_nyt

Feeling is anxious because the girl I love has started to move on. She got a guy within a month, and the guy is not right for her. But she is not ready to understand or listen. What should I do? I have no control

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Angel Arna @angelarna

See akash chill out she may be thinking like that bcz ur her ex

Akash Goel @silent_nyt

Agreed, what should I do?

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Akshat @alfakilo47

If you think that guy is not right then try to convince that girl couple of times. Still if she didn’t understood… Leave her and remember she has chosen her own fate and just move on

Akash Goel @silent_nyt

That what I want to do, which Im unable to do so

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Akshat @alfakilo47

Then dude you need to convince yourself first… You love her… And it’s obvious that you will care for her but do remember you are not responsible for her decisions and it’s output. You too have your life… Don’t torcher yourself with her memories

Akash Goel @silent_nyt



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