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Nin @daring_teddy

Feeling hurt…been out of an abusive marriage… coping with mom responsibility, job and a career lift…was so down and lonely…was in an app to vent about my situation… wanted atleast a good friend…but guys are just trying to get attached in some other way after a while even promising things but I am not ready to be played on…it hurts

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Mirson @positive_stone

Iam just 18… So can we be good friends?

Mirson @positive_stone

R u there?

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Can’t imagine the pain and problems you are going through and still going on and trying to make it better.

And here I’m thinking my life is hard over a single person , when I have so much of life ahead.

I hope you get through and stay strong.

P. S. Forgot to read that you are a mom still trying so hard. You are way stronger than many of us. So much respect and kudos to you.

Nin @daring_teddy

Thanks dear

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