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Raghav @glary

Feeling a bit anxious regarding career, family etc. Everyday I wake up and get myself caught in thoughts like “What if I fail?” “I won’t fulfill parents’ expectations” etc. and because of them or for any other reason, my productivity is zero

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Harmanpreet K. @harmanpree...

Hey mate,
I totally understand your situation and empathise with you.
The thing is that ‘Never be afraid of failure, be afraid of never trying to do something.’
Secondly, parents expectation is a normal thing, Do not bother yourself much by that.
Focus on your goals and take baby steps.
Learn to stay happy and try to find some meaning in your past experiences.✨💐
I hope this helps you.
Harmanpreet K


I was going through this phase too, don’t worry you will find something. We all get to this point once or many times in our life but don’t lose hope. Take your time to figure out things❤️
Much love and hugs to you


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