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Family is always my first priority…but do heart listen to logic…I am in love with a girl who is of different caste and my family will never agree to it …I have seen my elder brother suffering the same pain…I really couldn’t let her go but I couldn’t give her false hope…I am in a dilemma…is there any way to get out of it…I really don’t want to lose her…she is my happiness… neither can I disappoint my parents

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Bro don’t worry about parents. They will come around hopefully. But don’t give up the love.


Marriage is not something ki kitney bi baar karlo , ek hi moka milega bhai agr ladki sahi h love sacha h to sadi karlo, parents ko smjha do and I know vo samj zaengye kuki bacho ki Kushi me hi ma baap ki Kushi hoti h


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