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Fact check - Everyone has insecurities, the perfect people that you see on social media and wish to be like, even them! You can not change your flaws because they’re not flaws, believe me, they’re a part of who you are but if you wish to change anything in you, it should be your perspective on how you see yourself. I’ve lived that journey from being confident as a child to being insecure as a teenager (mostly, because of how other people saw me) to now being comfortable in my own body (height, weight and skin) because I accepted myself as I am and understood my worth fully. I can’t tell you that when you start loving yourself, people start to see you for you and not your flaws!

FYI, I wanted to get braces, mostly because of my insecurities at first (one of 'em majorly being with my teeth) and also, because of hygiene purpose, however, I couldn’t schedule an appointment to get 'em as I am not going to visit any doctor/dentist amidst this pandemic. But I had 1 session with the dentist and she said your teeth are healthy and you don’t have to wear braces for all of them just the ones below and I think that’s what I needed to hear, they’re perfectly healthy, I can hold on for few more months! And I have not even been cribbing over my crooked teeth since then. So, instead of going for that set standards of ideal beauty, GO for a healthy body (not linked to being thin in anyway) and a positive mind.


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Yay… wow … u know sometimes we need to remind ourselves that how awesome we are… u just did that for me. 🤩 u r awesome . And I m too 😎


Aye! ♥