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ex after 2 years-
after confessing her love, apologies for past and the talks about forever and ever. but then venting for 2 days. idk, if she is playing hard to get or trying hard to get off.

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!Popsicle! @xpearl

It happened with me many a times …like he texts and then we get into fight and then ghosted for some days …then again back ! It’s irritating tbh

!Popsicle! @xpearl

Idk…I don’t hate him either …just i don’t want to be in relationship with him …cuz it’s really hard on me


isnt this thing hinders your mental peace. because it does to me. i’m like how can you not talk about something this serious after dragging the topic out of nowhere. am i a time pass thing?

-in my case, i too have feelings, even after 2 years, haven’t moved on. its hard now to get this topic out of my mind. its like starting this move on phase again.

!Popsicle! @xpearl

For me ig i have moved on so it doesn’t affect much now(but i was hurted too in past)

You have known her for 2yrs and no one else …if she’s like playing with u …try not to fall in prey …u can’t stop talking to someone u have loved …so I’m just saying …set up ur priorities


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