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everything was going very nice between me and her then our coaching institute gave us 2 months holiday from diwali to christmas. we both went our home. Till December everything was fine. after december she started fighting with me on just small-small things. I observe that her behaviour was changing towards me. I asked to her that what happened she told me that there is some kind of family problems that is bothering her and I needed some time. I said ok take your time. after Christmas we come to class and she started behaving like we don’t know eachother. she was ignoring me. I asked her again what happened then she said - abhi ghar se aayi hu thoda time lagega , mujhe ghar ki yaad aa rhi hai. I said ok take your time. from here I started doubting in her. then I started digging some information about her And I got to know about her ex bf come again in her life and she still didn’t told me about her. she is talking with him. she don’t know that I got to know everything about her. and there was not any kind of family problem in her home she also gave me excuse about her health. she told me that blood vomiting was happening with her. everything was lied. Please suggest me how to end this from my side and what should I say to her.

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Gagandeep K. @gagandeep_ka...

Hey, hope you’re doing okay…

Just like you have typed here everything I suggest you should tell her anything and everything that is on your mind from few days.

What I mean is you can meet her in person and try to ask her POV first. And then if you feel like things can be mend try doing that instead of just passing on your statement on her.

Sometimes when our past comes in between it affect an individual in different ways of acting, reacting and emotions.

So try connecting with her and if you still feel this is not gonna workout, tell her everything you experienced-be it good memories or bad and let her know about the entire situations and your feelings.

Try not to let your negative bias in. Always try to end things on a good note.

And most importantly, try focusing on your studies.

If you feel like connecting, you can reach out as I’m a counselling psychologist.


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