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Everything seems fine my college life my personal life my relationship but still I feel like there is a void, since last 1 month I have been feeling like something is missing idk what I don’t love myself now I m surrounded by self doubts it’s becoming really toxic for me i m becoming toxic for my own self wtf is happening to me
I m going nuts

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I think there’s something you are insecure about which you are not ready to accept . Like you know you are insecure about it but you are not ready to say it out loud . Once you get past this and actually genuinely love and accept yourself for how you are then you will feel better . If it’s anything to do with body image or appearance, I suggest look past it . Not easy but definitely worth it . Try working on some other skill of yours and be good at it. It will automatically make you more confident. Hope it helps .

Lameunicorn @theprecious

Tysm for ur advice I was also thinking of learning a new skill or something


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