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Everything is horrible,
I cannot take anything anymore…

I so exhausted

I’m hungry and I really don’t have a desire to eat…

Sometimes I have discrete sleep…

Sometimes I sleep heavily and it costs me a lot of effort to get up…

Sometimes I don’t sleep at all and I feel so cold…

All of them are killing me! And the last one is the worst.

Also, I am having horrible nightmares.

I am so nervous because of the lack of sleep.

And I have a deadly headache,
Sometimes I feel like there’s something in the middle of my forehead.

And I feel like there’s something in my chest eating me.

I am feeling like I am going crazy!!

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Honey, I don’t know if u take any medication for that, but if u do, I think u would need to talk to ur doctor because that doesn’t sound healthy. If ur not taking any medication, maybe u should give it a try. If that’s not ur thing, then maybe chat with someone that would understand u. If u need someone, I’ll be here. Just a suggestion… I’ve had those same problems before too, so I understand that…


I know it might seem hard. But can you give some specifics about your life at the minute so I can see what parts of it might need readjusting?


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