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Everyone say ‘first love kuch alag hi hota hai’. Now i get it all. Me and my ex yes he is my ex now. Almost 2 years ago, we broke up. Just because we were in long distance and i was not getting his attention. I know this sounds lame. Few days back, i talked to him as a friend. Apparently, I realised i was deeply into him. I madly loved him. Currently,I’m in a relationship with another boy whom i love the most but the way i loved my first love like madly, unconditionally. I always compare my ex and current boyfriend in my head. I’m into my current boyfriend but not the way i was with my ex. Is anything wrong in it? Comparing?

Post anonymously?

I can’t speak for everyone but the first time I was in love it was like experiencing god itself. We actually never got together and now I try to not fall in love again.


Exactly …😔😔


True love can happen en number of times. But first love is irreplaceable. Because that is the first experience which created a feeling of love. Whatever, may be the reason for parting away. You should always respect and cherish your first love. Even if you are in a new relationship.

But never ever compare him(Ex) with your new partner. Because, it will create conflict within you and create unwanted expectations. Which may lead to disappoint. Each one of us have different qualities and you should accept it unconditionally.


Thanks for your helpful advice❤️