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Mahadev Shiva @shivakarnik...

Everyone is their own business. Those who used to talk to us before avoid us and they are tired of it, but that is not the condition of the person who is experiencing it, it is my condition and it is the same. They use us for their needs. I am an introvert. I don’t talk to anyone like that but I get closer to those who talk to them because of my love for them and they don’t understand that. What am I a puppy to let everyone feel when they feel like it, I have feelings too.
No one talks to me like that, but if you come and show closeness to me, don’t I feel closeness too?
Why are you hurting me like this? I’m not coming back because I like it… 😔

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Atheena @meow25


Just thinks that friends are fake because I don’t have one bestie if I think there my bestfriend and hang out but they think of me as a friends only and then I think I am meddling in there affairs ❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹

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FaLlen Soul @fallensoulll


sadly yes a % of people are like what you just said , but you know we’ve to find the right person to open up , you’ll meet yours !

Mahadev Shiva @shivakarnik...


How i will meet 🤔


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