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everyone in my house keeps fighting and it stresses me out so much. and then they go to sleep and wake up like nothing happened and then fight and scream again. it’s such negative energy and it increases my anxiety so much that i don’t even leave my room anymore and try to have minimal interaction

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Do you have any other place to go other than your room?




Well, there’s a solution for everything, you could try to calm them down and prevent them from arguing, reasons them and point out the mistakes that they did, what they need to do is to learn from it and apologized to each other and prevent it from happening again. A healthy family is where everyone support and loves each other, but what I feel from you is that this is very common for you… don’t lock yourself in the comfort zone and try stepping out of it and start by talking to them and also listen to them. Cheer upand don’t let this things caused you anxiety, you can tell me any problem if you need a person to listen to your problems 🤗👍


these fights have been taking place since i was a child which is why i left home and went away for college. but now because of lockdown i’m back home. there is no reasoning with them


I see, there’s always cases like this around me (included me) but i would strongly suggest that try to maintain good relationship with them, if can’t then try to avoid yourself being included into this, stay healthy and take care of yourself :)👍


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