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One Sided LoveThought


Everyday I would wake up for school prepared. Put on a little makeup. Do my hair. Wear a decent outfit. All for that one second where we pass by each other in the hallway. It’s been like that for two years. Haven’t even made a move. We don’t talk, at all anymore. We used to. I remember once they asked for a mint, I gave it. That was before I loved them. Everyday I would give them mints, and the last day of school I gave them the whole bag of mints. I loved seeing them smile. When I loved them, I felt like I could stare into their eyes forever. Listen to their voice. But now they’re moving. What am I going to do. I still love them. I have and always will. But I can’t talk to anyone about it. Because we’re both girls.

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Nice little bit of story telling there…I don’t think you can truly say you love someone till you get to know em.

Don’t focus your energies into people you don’t even really know. It does sound like you have a heavy conflict inside yourself…you have to acvept yourself for who you are…and what you like and your preferences.

Regardless of gender…Love is love…yet no matter the gender…it can hurt when your infatuated with a person for so long and dont really know em. Sorry I dont rlly have much of an answer here…but I do like


*how you put that together…sounded like a page out of a book.


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