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If you or somebody you know is currently struggling, please take deep breaths and reach out to somebody. Here are few resources that may help.

Everyday for the past few years, I’ve been telling myself “one more day… just one more day… I wanna talk to my mum, dad and bro just one more day… I wanna love my bf for jus one more day… one more day… I can do this…”.
Today, once again, I lie down on my bed beside my window, contemplating for a few hours, and just telling myself one more day… but life is slowly falling apart for me. My best friend has mental health problems and thinks about ending things too, my bf has life problems and thinks leaving me would be better for us, I am slowly going back to thinking why am I studying for a piece of paper that helps me find a job to suffer even more and my mind jus going into a very very dark place again. I’m so so so tired of pretending to be ok and happy and normal in front of family and friends, so very tired.

Please don’t reply “face the hard times” “be positive” “tell someone” “seek help” “life goes on” “it’ll be ok” “sadness will end” PLEASE. Please don’t. It doesn’t help.
A whole paragraph of positive words and encouragement doesn’t help. Neither does harsh words. I’m the only one that can stop myself from ending things.

I’m just here to tell someone my feelings and thoughts anonymously. Maybe look for someone who is going through the same thing as me right now.

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dear u r such a brave person…u r a fighter in heart…❤️


i can see in u a girl not only who can pull herself out of this but can pull her friend out also. u don’t like studying don’t…u like painting/dance/anything…do that like no one does…u have been to that dark place…u know its hell…ur brain lures you again donot fall trap…donot wait anymore for one more day…ur life is beautiful today…right now…right here…


Thank u for ur kind words. I will try my best to appreciate today. For now, I’ll close my window and go to sleep.

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Avtar @avtar

You know what all our grathb pothies and our spiritual books says about suicid ???

Dunia ka sbse bda gunah suicide krna h.

Chlo i will come back to the point tell me one thing agar koi bcha bimar ho or dr. Use kdvi dwai de khane k liye ya injection lgana chahe lakin bo bcha h na kdvi dwai khana chahta na injection lgvana chahta h what you think us k parents kya krenge kya bche ki baat sun k use dwai ya injection nahi lgeayenge ??? Ya fir use vo kdvi dwai b khilayenge nd injection b lgwayenge.

I hope tum b us bche ko thik krne ki favour m he ans kroge…!!
So if yes, then you hot your answer.

Agar bche ko kdvi dwai khilai ja rai h ya injection lgaya ja raha h bhale he vo us bche k liye sehns bohat mushkil h ab us time pe bche ko ye lgne lg jaaye mere ma baap mujhse pyar ni krte ya m kyu khau kdvi dwai ye vo all negative side to tum us bche k baare m kya kahoge yahi na ki vo bcha h isliye use smjh nahi aa rai is tough time m us bche ko mushkil jrur lg raha h lakin ye us k ache k liye he h right ???

In the same manner whatever happened in our life its due to the order of lord which is definitely good for us but we didn’t realise it for the moment. But if we allow to flow ourselves with the flow of situation then after some time we realised that yes vo sahi tha jo hua so parmatma Hm se kahi behtar hmare bare m jaan ta h we all are his kids.

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