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Everybody talks about cutting people off, but nobody really talks about the grief that comes with having to stand firm on that decision - knowing it’s not what you wanted, but what was necessary for your well being.

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kuro neko @kuro_noir

I know right. A part of us misses the person that ‘they’ used to be. A part of us misses all the good times we had together, but at the same time the bigger part of you knows that the person did more wrong than right. But we still can’t help but think of being able to keep their better side with us. It’s so beautifully, devilishly complicated.


My story is completely different. I have the best person anyone could ever ask for but a side of him is the biggest red flag. That one thing is which can’t be ignored. Daily I think of letting him go but it’s so hard coz everything is good. When I am sad even if he is busy he makes time for me. Wo 15-20km travel krke bhi mjhse milne aata h just to make sure that I am ok.

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kuro neko @kuro_noir

I didn’t quite truly understand the problem, but if the red flag is bigger than all of the green flags combined, don’t fool yourself.


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