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Everybody says to love yourself but how should one start that what exactly is self love

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Wow that’s a good one.
I’ll tell you what is self love for me
1. I do skincare. And ykw? I wasn’t even interested in all this, I started forcefully just for the name of self love and now I like it! Play some music and you have it all.
2. I keep reminding myself that what I am and what should I not take from people. I feel it’s very important.
3. Accept your flaws. I’m pretty short, earlier I was a bit insecure about it but now Idc! I feel I’m perfect the way I am
4. Do you whatever you feel like and it’s okay if you disappoint some people in the process.

Hope this helps. :))

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ash ? @agrani


Oh for me it’s just acknowledging my self whenever I do something good and productive and not worring too much, doing exercises daily.!, Skincare, and awarding yourself with chocolates ( or whatever you love lol) :)

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Pragya sinha @beanbag


For me it’s just owning myself feeling proud in the smallest of achievement and simply loving myself as much as I love others. To explore more about yourself you can do lil activities and lil hobbies to help find who you are and how should you love yourself .


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