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Every time I feel angry or sad over something I would either cry silently hiding from everyone or I will put a restraint on my diet… My therapy also doesn’t seems to work… I don’t know what to do anymore

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Hey I hope you get better soon.
It’s okay even I get that sometimes but you gotta belive that there are better times coming ✨

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Piyush Kumar @piyush9

Indirectly, you’re punishing yourself for being angry or sad. And ultimately you’re having yourself that way.

Don’t be angry or sad due to someone else. Don’t take any bullshit. Let the pain pass to the person responsible. Overall, don’t take any burden on yourself. Don’t let any matter rolling over your head. Pass it on. In Hindi, Load mat lo. Initially it may be hard, but slowly you’ll see the results. In next 6 months, you may look back and smile at these small things about which you’re struggling today. All the best.

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Piyush Kumar @piyush9

You’re hurting yourself that way.


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