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Every single human being nids some1 in their lives dat they cn talk 2 witout bein scared dat they’ll b taken 4 granted. Someone dat can understand their nid 4 “ventilation” wen their heart is full. I rili wish I had 1. It’s D most painful part of divorce. Frends/family jst turn away 4rm U lik a castaway wen U try to “share” wit dem, jst 2 ease D hurt U feel in Ur chest. They mak U feel lik a lazy sissy who is depressed 4 no gud reason (she has made up her mind 2 leave, 4get her & move on). As if there was a button where U can switch Ur emotions on & off. And my parents hearts hv weakened wit age, I hv 2 kip my hurts & certain info away 4rm dem so they don’t crumble. Worse still, I nid 2 pretend & B strong 4d kids.

Dnt mind me, av been struggling wit depression 4 a few yrs since I got D divorce papers. Sometimes I jst feel like am in D red corner of a boxing match & about 2 throw in the towel. I pray it ends well & ends quickly, dis appears 2b dragging me dwn d quicksand. I cnt believe I will eva contemplate suicide.

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Hi There! I am sorry for the state you’ve been in for this long. I can’t say that I have suffered the same fate and perhaps can’t understand how you feel. But I do know that time heals a lot if not everything. Please feel free to use this platform to share whatever it is that you feel and whether you need any assistance.

Thats sad i hope u will have a bright future.
Pretending to be strong so ur parents and kids will be happy is very sad but it tells that u r a very great person inside and out…
You can express ur feelings here if u feel sad or overwhelmed.even when ur happy u can write here.it will help u with ur feelings and remind u with good times.
Hope u r doin well💛