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Every friend of mine used my wealth and left me off. I just wanna fuck everyone around! They made me evil. I used to be very calm and truthful to everyone but finally I got back something I can’t fuck around!

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Empty Life @emptylife

Learn from them money we can earn again but they can earn ur love

Mr.psychologist @mrpsychologist

Hahaha…yeah duniyaa mathlabhi hai saali ?

Dhairya @dhairya

Even if sun is covered by clouds sun will shine we just need to fight with clouds to make our space you are that ? sunshine.He Lost An Gem In Search Of Stones It 's just that at  the end of  day I want ki the sun should shine anyone can become cloud but being rainbow after the cloud is the key ?
like gaining trust is easy but I will build trust  brick by brick is the thing is  gaining will end soon but building  won’t end …
Cool mind telling what exactly what happened like see you trusted the people who you knew they broke your trust ,
Trust an unknown person he/she may prove out to best one not as in other thing just like sharing and making yourself feel lighter and better
I even have an Instagram page for quotes related to relationship please do see it if you are into quotes


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