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Every day i see everyone around me, all my friends, in relationships with people who are perfect for them and i just feel so lost. I always think it will stop when i get home but then i open social media and see all these beautiful girls my age and i just hate myself. Why cant i look like them? Why cant i talk to boys so effortlessly like them? I just feel weird and disgusting and ugly. I saw my ex walking with a girl, such a pretty girl, and he looked so happy. I just want to melt into a puddle and hide. Even when we were dating my “best friend” had a heart next to his name in her text, she was closer to him than i ever got to be. Whats wrong with me? I hate myself, and i think everyone else does too, thats why im so alone

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Oh don’t worry. You will get one also.Gain confidence and do your own things

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