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Lia @leelia

Ever since quarantine started i’ve been having sleep paralysis and really bad nightmares. The worst sleep paralysis i had was one in where i saw the silhouette of a man who then covered me with the blanket put his hand around my neck and started choking me as he started laughing with a really evil laugh. The sound of that laugh was what scared me the most it brings me anxiety just to think about it, i really felt like i was being choked. After that day which was a few weeks ago, i barely sleep because im scared. Today i had another paralysis again. I didn’t see anything cause i felt to tired to open my eyes but i felt a hand around my neck and then i was being chocked again, then i tried to move but then i started feeling as if someone was pressing something really hard inside my ear, after that, i woke up crying and i had an anxiety attack. What do i do? i can’t sleep anymore bc it keeps happening and i hate it. I’ve heard this can happen bc of stress anxiety etc. And i do have really bad anxiety but idk what to do to make it better.

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Asim @asim21


Hey, I’m so sorry about that… I understand that coz I’ve been through the same in past times and I sometimes get that now as well… If you wanna have a conversation or someone to talk to… I’m here and I’m all ears :)


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