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Ever experienced being with a narcissist? What did they do to make you feel like they were narcissist? Share stories. Let’s talk.

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BiniBini @binibini

I know a couple of them. Everything you talk about, they make it just about themselves
“i met with an accident today”
“DUde Let me tell you about MY accident that happened 13 years ago”

I rarely talk to those folks anymore


Looool. Let me tell you about that accident that happened to me 13 years ago. So true loool


I Have Toxic Parents They scream at me within a foot of your face. they say hateful comments to me like ”You are worthless” or ”I wish you had never been born” or ”I hate you”. they make me sleep on the floor, when I have a bed. they put me down verbally when talking to other adults

I’m 12 years old and I live in Colorado

I want to leave this place


Hey, I can relate. Stay strong kid. Lookup dr Ramani on YouTube, hope it helps and reach out to a therapist and work on your self.


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