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Even with this whole depression thing,is hard to convince people that you’re having a real problem, not just looking for attention.I tried to talk with my parents about how im feeling but they said that i was going through a phase and the laughed in my face.I have other problems too but this is the most important one.I need someone to talk about these problems so i hope this website would help.

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Hi! I don’t know much about what you are going through but you’ll make it :) You may say that Im saying those things because I am not in your position and I dont know what it feels like. Yeah, I am. However, always remember that there is one person who is willing to understand you:) Sending virtual hugs


Our parents are not as aware as us about the importance of our mental health and for their generation there’s still a lot of stigma attached to the topic, hence their reaction was the way it was.
But that doesn’t make your emotions matter any less. Whatever you feel, the difficulties you’re going through are all very important. I hope you know that! 💙
Their ignorance and lack of knowledge causes them to react that way. Your problems are very real, no matter what other people say. Your pain matters and so do you! :)


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