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Even though we aren’t together if she’s hungry I make her food and go give it to her, I wait till she finishes eating and then I leave her place, she never says if she’s sad, but ik when she will be sad and when she won’t, I wanna be there for her, I tried helping her out, but she never wanted me to be there for her, then why did she have to act like she has feelings for me still most days, she’s in a relationship with another guy but why does she wanna hunt me down?
I took all the blame remember, I never let u feel bad, and this is what I get in return?
Everytime I leave your place I wish you could wait for me to get on my bike and tell bye to me from top, I miss the good old days, where I did everything for you and all you did was accept it and not give anything back.
I was too blind to realise I was an idiot to believe in everything you said.
You went on cheating on me, did things I never thought you would do and now am stuck with all our memories and you get to roam around with a new guy?
It’s never fair, and I think someday you’ll realise it, I don’t want karma to affect you, I just want you to realise how much I did for you and no one’s gonna do so much to you.

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