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Even though it won’t be a wedding in a frock with a ring!! Will I be at least able to feel how it would be loved by you !! I don’t know all these years watching you being successful made me happy !! I was never greedy all i thought was just be happy by seeing you! But never knew that i would love to be with you!!

I know you are like a Beautiful sky it seems to be closer but we can never touch it!! I am happy for you being in this world!! If there would be a chance i wish I could meet you one day !! Just to say " Thank you for letting me sleep on those nights when I was broken and hurt" Thank you for always being there for me with your Music!!

Your happiness my inspiration
Your tears are my pain
Your giggles made me smile
Your fears made me down
And your success is my dream

I am happy all your efforts made you who you are today!! I wish you would be happy and healthy and stay till my hair turn grey !!

I know you don’t even know I exist in this world but for me you are my world! Everyone around me used to tease me that I would be the first girl one who will propose to a man !! But little did they know to propose there is no rule that a boy should only get on his knees with a ring!! But it can also be a girl who can get down with a ring !!! I would be the luckiest girl in the world if only I could buy you a ring! But i know you might have alredy found your love of life !!I am envy of her because she got your heart!!

I know i have no chance to stand beside you but i really wish i could feel that moment!! At least for a minute being in your hands would be enough for me to cherish in this life!!

Love… It’s okay that was not your mistake!! I have loved you more than a fan that’s my mistake !! I am fine so you can be happy with your partner when you get her!!!

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You should never under estimated you as a fan.


I am not underestimating myself as a fan !!


Never blame yourself thats all i gotta say😊


Thank you

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