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Avni @avni

Dysfunctionality in families is more common than we think. And frivolous yet powerful matters like finances can really trigger our inherent beliefs about money, which often spirals down and gets personally transmuted through verbal jabs and attacks. If this is a temporary thing, then it will get better as your finances get better. But if this verbal projection of stinging words is a normal thing, and i am taking my own familial scenario as an example, then this is a form of verbal abuse and it doesnt take a lot of deciphering to figure out if it is or isnt. If it is, please try and become financially independent if you are capable, and refrain form engaging in family drama. A lot of us, and i mean a lot of us, do not know how to implement and maintain healthy boundaries and this really shows in our denial and push and pull mechanisms of attachments. I can only say, work on yourself first. Even if you want to help your family, you cant if you are no better than them. You cannot pour from an empty cup.

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