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Tanmay @skinnyjean2611

during lockdown i realised that i have friends that i dont want to be friends with because they make fun of me without any reason. I talked to my female friend during lockdown she is friendly with everyone. She is my friend we dont talk much but we chatted for 3 hours sharing our feeling . I want to be her friend but i think that my classmates will keep saying that i am flirting with her i want be in a relationship with her but thats not true i just want her to be my friend … I want to make friends from whom i can share my feelings

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I totally understand what you mean. Lockdown has really tested our relationships with our friends, proving which ones are real and who is not. It’s a good thing you’ve noticed that some of your friends are less than kind to you for an unexplained reason. If you feel insecure when you are with these people or talking to them then the best thing to do is to let them go. Find new friends who understand you, regardless of their gender or what other people think. If your friends think that you are only wanting to be in a romantic/sexual relationship with the girl you’ve been enjoying talking to, then they are extremely immature, though it may just be their boyish humour.


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