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Dumb, all my life I’ve Felt dumb, even my father the person i respect the most has said it to my face a couple of times. I’m the butt of the joke, and it’s kind off justified because ever since I was young I’ve said stupid stuff or done things that apparently anyone with common sense wouldnt. I just laugh whenever they make jokes about me and then later cry in my bathroom. I know they love me but it soo hard it was worse when I was younger and let’s just say some events from my fathers side of the family has left me traumatised to the point I prayed and tried to keep my mouth shut as best as I could whenever meeting them even till this day I can confidently talk to strangers but freeze when it comes to them. So I wanna ask how do I speak better and stop making a fool out of myself? I’m not that good in my native language and that’s also one of the reasons why I they said this. I just want to be smart. my dad used to say think before I speak although he stopped saying that bc I think he gave up. I don’t know how to fix myself please help if you have any method.

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From your post i can tell that you are not dumb or stupid but because it has been constantly said to you by your father you have created this image of you who is stupid. Sometimes parents don’t realise what they say can hurt their children and u fortunately no matter what we try they won’t get it. They think just because they’re parents they know everything and they end up ruining our lives. Just believe in yourself and don’t believe in what others say. Respect your parents but don’t believe them qhen they call you such names. Tell them how it makes you feel when they day those nasty things. Good luck.


yea he has stopped saying that but because of how many times he said it in the past I can’t help thinking like that especially after failing the medical test twice and then going to a mediocre university because I didn’t take maths in A levels. all of my family thought I was going to become a doctor and I feel like i embarrassed my parents


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