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Dose love even exist?
Will a person ever love me?
Will I’ll be able to love someone? Although I know for a fact that if the love is genuine I will be inclined to it.
I never dated anyone because I never wanted to wast anyone’s time when there was no feelings neither did I let anyone allow to confess because I new that there was no feelings or future.
I find it very difficult to believe that love exist and I’m getting bitter and bitter with each day passing and sometimes I cry because I believe that I’ll never find love.
I want someone to take care of me.
One story : I have a very sweaty palms, one time my sir was seating beside me and I reached out to him by touching his hand with only one finger, I guess he felt my finger was very cold so I show him my hand with full of sweat to surprise him, he just ask why is it like this than rubbed the whole sweat off my hand with his shirt.
I have never seen a person not getting disgusted by my sweat. And I felt something not love of course but something. That was the first time I ever felt something I guess a greater respect.

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True 🌼

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duggu 🤍 @baloon_717

…yes love do exist…and definitely you’ll be loved by someone…but before that you must love yourself first :)


Did it looked like I don’t love my self, I love myself on a whole different level, I think I am pretty inside out. Even in the story I showed my sweaty hands to my sir with full excitement and enthusiasm. I find it funny people getting disgusted by me. 🤍🤍

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RISHU KASHYAP @cheesecream

Ummmm…ig u talking about the LOVE of being in a relationship…well it does exist but it’s difficult to maintain its future and find it …


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