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Don’t you love it when you have been feeling so depressed for weeks and start to feel happy all of a sudden and a random thought passes through my mind that ruins the whole day yet you still wait to see if the happiness will come back and then weeks pass and you still feel sad.
Like damn…

Post anonymously?

I do agree that does happen with me as well, sometimes. But I guess life’s not a bed of roses, and hence not a bed of thorns either. We’re going to have an equal share of both of them, because the universe knows we’re strong enough to handle it all, by ourselves. The hope, that something better is on its way- I guess that’s what keeps me going on my bad days. I hope I could help.

I know exactly what you are talking about. I just hope that these happy times in between stay a bit longer or balance their way in the depressed times. To having long happy times in between 🥂

I literally just wrote something like this lol. I totally get you. & my depression just makes it ten times worse. I get this small period time when Im actually okay and then one day or one minute I get so sad. and I try to think about the happiness I felt just a minute ago but its legit gone. If you ever want to talk I’m here for you (: