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Chhavi @chhavi

Don’t stress too much. A sheet of paper cannot decide your future. All these things are easier said than done. So think before you say something to someone along these lines. That sheet may not decide your future but it surely has a huge impact on your being.

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Khushboo @khushboo

Yes, i agree with you .high school is most important in our life. It is the phase that builds the base of our career. A sheet can decide your future and have impact on your being. Don’t take anything for granted. Every single time is now precious for your future. At this point you can develop yourself as much as possible and can get exposure too. Try enhancing your skills day by day. Don’t just worry about your results. Give better inputs for best outcomes and bright future.

Deepanshi @deepanshigupta0

I believe that for sure scoring good marks in exam has huge  impact on us but believing that everything is getting good marks is not right. I see people like this, who get depressed by thinking about their results. Reportcard  depend on some numbers and it can’t measure your intelligence level .It can’t measure you as a person. Studies are important, but your hardwork and dedication show you the way to be successful. I am not saying we should not consider exams important but just see there are so much other things in life to be successful. Just follow your passion.


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