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Aman @chosenone

Don’t let other people put labels on you.
Failing an exam doesn’t make you unintelligent.
Failing at a  sport doesn’t make you unfit.
Failing an interview doesn’t make you incompetent.
Failing at one business doesn’t make you a failure.
Fail, but don’t give up.
Fall seven times, get up eight.
You can’t swim the waters and you think you’re a failure,
But my friend, you forgot,  you were born to conquer the sky.

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khan @arbia_khan

“If the journey seems easy. You are on the wrong path.”


Failing an exam make you ‘unworthy’ to join govt college when pvt is out of your league
Failing is the proof that you’re not intelligent
Failing in society makes you a useless person
Failing in parents eyes makes you coward
Failing 6 times take all your motivation…7th is the last


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