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Hazel Brown @haze21

Dont know how to get out of this toxic relationship
Its not even a relationship i guess, but he is everything i want and for him, im just another girl who he is fucking and eveb knowing this all, im still with him, hoping for a miracle when he clearly has said multiple times he doesnt love me

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Hmm @t4lk

You’ve just got habitual of him…the affectionate habit
Try the 21 days Therapy Session
In which, first you have to block him and stop all sorts of interaction with him for 21 days
It’s scientifically proven that our mind needs 21 days to move on from any habit
I’ve done it… Believe me…things change

Hazel Brown @haze21

I cant take first step 😞
Of blocking or moving away

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Hmm @t4lk

When I tried this…jabb jabb mai uske baare mei sochta tha…mai firr se 21 days shuru se shuru krdeta tha…during this 21 days session…inn 21 dino mei ek baar bi nii sochna h aapko usske baare mei…tabb hi it works…if you do…start it all over again… You’ll feel good… Please trust me… It’s not easy I know…but living like this isn’t easy either…so gotta do it!💪🏼
And one thing also…delete all the photos of him.

Akash Patel @slevemcdichae...


Unfortunately, I don’t have much advice to give you but I just wanted to say that I hope you can find someone who truly loves you. Although he may be everything you think you want in a person, you have to ask yourself if you want somebody who doesn’t care for you the same way you care for them.

Just some food for thought… I wish you all the best :)


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