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Rohan @rax000

Don’t even know how i got in this path of life where i find myself being alone… No doubt there are still my good and best friends around me but still it seems like i am missing someone and…its her… Who then… Maked my life stabled…healed me from everything… And yet i am still waiting for her hoping… One day their will be a road which will let us meet again… But still some thoughts fears me off like… How is she… Is she doing fine…have i done something wrong… Or may be i should talk to her… But again their i feel like, let her be in her own space for sometime she will feel good i suppose… But again i feel like to go and just hug her untill my tears fall… But again thats a thought of another dimension…and stocking her profiles… Post stories… Its like a different lind of happiness for me and i hope everything gets stabled…

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Talk to her. There is nothing which communication can not solve. Get a clear end or fresh start. Go for it!! More power to u boy.

Rohan @rax000

I know bro but their are still things which can make it worst… Its about 8months ago… I just received an text from her… “dont expect anything from me” and i just decided i will wait…for the right time…but now at this moment its like their is no conversation…no response like it used to… I thought she might be having mood swings… But na… Its like 2 months…i have the trust and i know she is probably thinking something which she will never reveal but… Its like what am i suppose to do… Confession… Which i cant…i just want to get back things stabled


Bro take a leap of faith. Have a nice conversation, get things cleared and move on. According to the text, i dont think she is coming back.

Rohan @rax000

I am just in that fear but still don’t know why their is still a trust a faith which let me think…one day she might turn back… And its been more than 2years… Waiting… But it feels like let go with time… But now at this point i want to concentrate on my future… But eventually thess thoughts never let me… Do it


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