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Does it hurt you? He asked
She replied If I say yes will you stay by my side?
He replied I wish I could
The girl just walked away!

He thought she would not trust him anymore!
But She left his side so that he will not regret it!

Because the more she is with him, the more it will be hard for him to go on! Everyone was actually worried about him but only he knows that she is leaving him for his happiness!!

The moment he closed his eyes he saw her smiling but not happy, he thought he could go back to her but it would make things worse!

He stayed with a strong heart hoping that she will be happy

Slowly he started living his life! (It was hard for him to be where he is today so he thought to follow his heart because the girl wished the same)
Days has run very fast

On one spring day he saw her across the street holding a man’s arm! Seeing her few tears came out of his eyes (they were happy tears at least he could see her happy) he held her partners hand and happily left the place!!

No one noticed the tears in the girl’s eyes because she still loves him (she is happy seeing him with his partner but she is sad that it’s not her)

Can we blame the boy? No we cannot because love is something that cannot be forced !! There are many types of love in this world and for him she is someone who will be with him forever but it is not Love !!

The girl took a deep breath and said to herself that at least she could see him happy!!

The story is not the end but not sure if they get to talk again?

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