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Does everyone try really hard to live up to their parents’ expectations?

I have this constant nagging fear inside me that I’ll never be good enough, especially for my parents.

I get pretty good grades, I’m well behaved, I have a good impression on almost everyone including my teachers. But I feel like my parents are always expecting more. I just can’t do anything more. I try so hard to live up to their expectations but the more I try, the more distant and lonely feel.

They want me to become a doctor. I honestly haven’t decided what I want to be yet. I still have about 2 more years before I graduate school. Because they wanted me to become a doctor, I had to choose the science stream. I didn’t really have a problem with that because I liked science. What I didn’t like was math, and my parents wanted me to choose math as well because it’ll look good on my applications.

School’s really tough right now and I feel so exhausted, both physically and mentally.

My parents never miss a moment where they can throw the words “future doctor”.
It makes me feel really uneasy.

Being a doctor is wonderful. But I don’t know if that’s what I really want to become. I’m now trapped in this cage where my parents’ expectations keep piling up and I can’t do anything about it.

I don’t have the courage to talk to them about it either. I feel like I’ll disappoint them if I do.

What do I do?

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I guess I can answer your question because I’ve been through this phase … and now I am in a medical college pursuing my dream goal of becoming a surgeon.

So first things first, stop thinking about your parents’ expectations for a while and make a firm decision about what you want to become . The field of medicine is not a bed of roses and is more demanding than any other profession and for that … you need to have that passion and desire to become a doctor . Now if you’re unsure about that, it’ll be really difficult for you to survive med school.

So I’ll suggest that you talk with one of your parents , the one you think you’re close to and make them understand. After all, they want you to succeed in life and not just by becoming a doctor, but in any profession you choose. Just remember that life is tougher than the written exams that you’re giving right now …and you’ll laugh at yourself when you reach college and look back at this time.

Good luck for your future. (just make your parents read this answer if you think it’s worthy :-) )


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