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Does anyone value us if we are good?
Being good is good, right?
Why can’t people acknowledge and reciprocate it.
Instead, they take it as weakness and think that no matter what you do, it doesn’t hurt them.
And again being good, if we let them know about this, they might feel bad or something.
Instead of understanding it, they do everything apart from this.
Is a person joke just because they don’t raise voice and be kind and generous.
If we try to express ourselves, there are cases where they might be judged and might get the comments like the person is cringe or immature or something taht disables him/her from expressing again. And this is the commok case in relationship issues.
Because I’m one of those victims. And this is me .

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sheker @shekernandhu

Don’t try be good. Be a high quality bad person that what makes us happy




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