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Does anyone know why I feel uncomfortable around my dad, I never know what to say. I want to have a good relationship with him but It’s always so awkward.
so I and my dad aren’t close there are some talks but its never a full conversation. When I was little I would only see him on Sundays but he would be pretty tired so we didn’t really spend time with him. Now he works less and comes home around 7pm. But he goes to his room to watch his shows after eating. I just feel awkward being around him, I also don’t like eating with him because he used to judge everything I ate, or if I served myself a lot of food.
I don’t want to feel like this but I can’t help it and don’t know why I feel like this either.

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avishkar @aviiii

Brooo , whenever u greet your father , greet with a big smile if he says that u eat more say okay na dad I will try to be fit , if he judge you then say you are my dad if u start judging me then how can I face the world’s trash, support me and I will make you proud with a big smile


I too kinda feel the same with my dad😶

avishkar @aviiii

U can try the same as I say 🤟

avishkar @aviiii

I know it will work for sure

avishkar @aviiii

If u act like u are scared of him then nothings gonna happen but if u act like his freind , if u act chill , happy confident then it will work I am.sure

Kuldeep Pathak @kuldeep21

Its isnt much to overthink about
My dad and i never really had a perfect kinda relationship but we did enjoyed some things together like watching cricket matches,cracking jokes about my mom well after which we struggle for lunch
But my point is you just go and spend time besides him try to find a hobby which you guys can share and just dont feel awkward besides him just try to have conversations with him
And about that scolding parts all dads are like this in this world yaar.So stay happy and have a healthy relationship
And one last thing a dad always loves his daughters the most


Hey !! This is a phase of our life and i think everyone has to go through this situation once.
I suggest you to plan a holiday with him and try to have conversations about his expectations from you. What he really expect that his son would be in future.
This will help you to have good conversation with your father and built a good understanding and relation between you and your father.
I am suggesting you this because i had already tried this in my life. Because every father has their expectations from his son and if he feels that his son would never be like his expectations. They star keeping away his thoughts and decision from their children.
So try to understand what he is expecting from you and think about being like that if possible.


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