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Colin @violinkey10

Does anyone else need a friend? Maybe an internet friend? Someone who will stick around? Honestly I would stay up until 4 am with anyone just so I can talk to them about anything. I live in ETC+1 timezone and I just really want someone to talk to. Possibly a friendly person who accepts/is LGBT+?

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Don’t worry be calm


Yeah, I need a friend. My life is pretty messed up right now. I really need a friend who can stick around and not talk behind my back and stuff. I myself am not LGBTQ+, but I accept it. Looking forward to being your friend :)

Colin @violinkey10

I’m sorry for the late reply, I’m quite new to this site. Do You have anything else where I can add You or do You want to talk here?

Ash @genderbenderfender

That would be great!


I am on the same boat as you… looking for a friend, someone who I can connect with and just share the weirdest of thoughts with ease…
Someone I can call a friend without any dramas and chill with…

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i’m one hell of a texter :'(

let me know if u want to be friends!


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