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Does anyone else have toxic families (grandma, uncle, aunts, cousins, father etc.) and just wants to prove them all wrong?! Like what the heck is wrong with you guys! (i mean the toxic people)


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I am already where you are so I know how you feel. every argument makes we wanna rethink wether I should stay with them in future. But I guess we all have to keep fighting


Ummm … as a matter of fact, yes. I want them to understand a bit. It doesn’t matter whether they agree to me, but at least they should listen to me.
Previously, I used to argue a lot with them. To make them realise. With time, I learnt that it’s a waste of time. And nowadays I just ignore them. I nod whenever they say something … And when they finish I just go to my room or outside to vent up all my anger.
It’s useless to talk with toxic people .


They will say what they want to say u can’t stop them or change thier mindset but what u can do is not let them affect u n ur thoughts just keep working n shove ur success in their faces