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¯\_( @ywanzi

Does anybody have stories related to their crushes we can spill the ☕ here
Anyways i am down to talk about my crush it was very hilarious incident in my life

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Rahul Singh @10001rahul

Ya … But haven’t met her … From a long time

muskan walia @waliagirl

Yes i have a crush during my school… I am also want to purpose him but after sometimes I knew about his relationship with my classmate

¯\_( @ywanzi

This incident happened with my bff also …

muskan walia @waliagirl


Madhan Kumar @arun_

Yeah this feels soo bad and i knw how it feels because same thing happend for me too at school days

¯\_( @ywanzi

Mine one was hilarious


I have a new crush everyday… the guy i like doesn’t like me back …guys i don’t like like me…

¯\_( @ywanzi

I rarely get a serious genuine crush on someone… (+_+)


Its not like a crush crush more like a liking

¯\_( @ywanzi

True crush lasts for 3 months after that it is called love… 😆

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