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Avni @avni

Does anybody ever feel like they wasted some part of their lives by keeping people around that did not add anything to your life? Like missed opportunities, connections, better choices that you could have made for a better life? I feel guilty about feeling disappointed about that aspect but it still rings true.

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Kishore @kishore


Yes I do feel sometimes. I spent all my life till now only to get approved by others, not being judged by someone who might be my family member or a friend. I tried hard to keep the relationships intact by not giving importance to my feelings, my rights. I was under hallucination that if I sacrifice something for someone, they will recognize it and expected love/care. I actually believe in Unconditional Love, but it seems I am the only person with such thoughts. With great pain, I learnt that, Unconditional love doesn’t exist and every human relation is based on trade of something.


yes! but now i have realised that people come and go thats life


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