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Do you know that feeling where you’re lying on your bed at 3 pm on a monday and you look up to the time and it’s 12: fucking 49 am ?
Yeah same.
Is it really me or does everybody go through the same when they don’t feel the urge to continue anymore? I’ve been logging in my job everyday at 10 am and Logout at 11 pm. But even though, I get this feeling that I’m numb and turning more as the days pass.
Ugh LoL I don’t even know what this is .

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Shashidhar @shashidhar117


Hey buddy!!! Its because you are continuously peeping into monitor screen and sitting for long and long hours. Take breaks for ever hour, humans are not meant to sit at single place for long hours , that freaks you out and create illusion that mind going numb

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Simran @st1199


It happens with everybody i suppose at some point of time when we are exhausted or tired of the same routine.

Take rest and breaks in between. Give your eyes some rest and if your Job includes sitting infront of the Laptop, follow the 20 rule(google it). 🧑🎈


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